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Great Small Business Advice For Any Industry

Great Small Business Advice For Any Industry

At Capital Key, we love hearing good advice – especially if it comes from people who we look up to. What we have found is that some pieces of advice always ring true, even if the person who gave you advice isn’t even in your field. Here are some of the best bits of small business advice we’ve heard over the years. 

“If you really want something done, you won’t wait around for help to do it.”

Motivation will always be the name of the game in the world of small business. Too often, we hear about people who would have started a business…if they had the help to do so. The biggest moguls in business history often had little to no help, and it never held them back. If you really want to make it happen, you will work towards it. It’s just that simple.

“Do what you’re passionate about.”

Being a small business owner is hard. The money is irregular at best, and there’s always a “fire” to be put out. You’re almost always on call, and you’re always working hard to make sure that you’ve made everything work out. The only fuel that keeps many of us going is the passion we have for what we do. Going into a field you hate is basically making sure you’re miserable 24/7, simply because being a small business owner is a 24/7 job.

“Plan ahead.”

Without a plan, you’re not going to be able to accomplish much, trust us on this one.

“Surround yourself with an awesome team.”

There is ample advice for small business owners dealing with managing others. Your employees can make or break your business, and since your business is a small one, even a single negative employee can be a terrible burden. Your ideal employee should be honest, hardworking, positive and dependable. As an employer, you should look for nothing less than that – and work to attract workers who have that ethic onto your team.

“Don’t confuse activity with progress.”

Just because you’re doing *something* doesn’t mean that you’re doing what needs to be done. Busywork almost never accomplishes anything aside from burning out employees. Instead of being busy, work on making sure that what you do will have a long term effect on your business, your clients, and how you work as a team.

“Learn to get impatient with revenue.

Your business isn’t a business unless you’re profiting. If you aren’t profiting, or you don’t see profit on the horizon, then you are likely doing something very, very wrong. Take our business finance advice – if you’re not making ends meet, you need to change tactics.

“Don’t give up.”

Thomas Edison was famous for saying that he had learned 100 different ways to make a nonfunctioning lightbulb before he learned how to make one that worked. It took many different attempts for famous author Steven King to actually find a publisher who liked his books. Every single major success story out there never stopped doing what they loved, and never gave up. They all faced rejection, haters, and naysayers. Why should you give up, knowing that success is just around the corner?

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