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Finding Out If Your Investor Is Serious

When you’re at networking events, or even talking to people online, a common thing that you may hear is some interest in investing in your company, often coming from a person who has time and resources that could prove to be helpful. Sometimes, it’s not even a matter of investing read more...

How To Turn Around A Failing Company FAST

You Can Learn How To Turn Around A Failing Company   We’re all told that owning a business is the number one way to attain the status of super rich. Oftentimes , we’re given examples like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs as role models. What most people don’t tell you, read more...

5 Investments That Boost Online Profits

More and more businesses are turning to the internet to improve streams of profit as well as to generate leads. Many of the methods that people are using to drive their profits are budget-friendly, while others may be viewed as a longterm investment in a company’s performance. read more...

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About Capital Key

Capitalkey will help you take your business to the next level! Our expertise is business funding and merchant processing. We offer great options to businesses that need a quick and easy cash infusion (even if you may have got turned down previously!) We also offer some of the lowest rates in the merchant processing industry! If you are currently processing with another company we highly recommend taking advantage of our free statement audit, which will allow us to identify if you are getting charged higher rates and/or fees unnecessarily. Typically we can help our clients reduce their processing costs by 20-30% on average!

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