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Great Small Business Advice For Any Industry

Great Small Business Advice For Any Industry At Capital Key, we love hearing good advice – especially if it comes from people who we look up to. What we have found is that some pieces of advice always ring true, even if the person who gave you advice isn’t even in your field. read more...

High Risk Merchant Processing 101

Many people who own businesses don’t realize that merchant services companies will often divide their clients into one of two categories: low-risk, and high-risk. Getting into the low-risk category means that you will likely be approved by almost any company, and will likely be privy read more...

The Best Business Practices As Suggested By Famous CEOs

The Best Business Practices – As Suggested By Famous CEOs There’s a lot of truth to the saying that to become successful, you should follow other successful peoples’ examples. The best business practices you can implement into your company often are the same ones being read more...

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About Capital Key

Capitalkey will help you take your business to the next level! Our expertise is business funding and merchant processing. We offer great options to businesses that need a quick and easy cash infusion (even if you may have got turned down previously!) We also offer some of the lowest rates in the merchant processing industry! If you are currently processing with another company we highly recommend taking advantage of our free statement audit, which will allow us to identify if you are getting charged higher rates and/or fees unnecessarily. Typically we can help our clients reduce their processing costs by 20-30% on average!

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