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Worried about how much your monthly payments will be? Want to take a quick look at what it would be like to have a Cash Advance in your budget? Use our calculator below.
Enter your revenue and business information below and then you may use the sliders to choose your loan/advance amount and repayment term.
NOTE: The calculator does not provide repayment calculations on the business line of credit at this time.
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Adjust the sliders to set your loan/advance amount and repayment term. The potential repayment amount is shown below. Repayment amount shown is hypothetical and is for information purposes only; your loan/advance repayment may vary.
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No payments on weekends/holidays
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A fixed amount that does not change with length of term
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*The weekday payment and total repayment figures shown are for information purposes only. Our calculator provides a rough estimate of the terms of a potential loan or advance based on the information provided; only a full application can generate an actual offer, terms, and qualification status based on the established requirements for qualification and other factors regarding you and your business. The figures displayed here do not constitute a commitment to provide any loan or advance.

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