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Merchant Processing

Capital Key can help you find the right solutions for accepting credit card payments from a wide array of merchant services to choose from.

Credit and Debit Card Processing
Check Acceptance
Gift Card, Loyalty and EBT Programs
iPhone and iPad Payments


Lower Rates

Capital Key lowers your cost of credit card
processing by eliminating high rates and
hidden fees associated with most processors.

Competitive rates starting from 1.39%
Low rate options for every business
Major savings

Business Solutions

Capital Key offers a wide array of processing options
for every type of business. Whether you are running
a retail location or an on-line business, we have the right
solution to meet your unique needs.

Merchant Processing

Want to see what benefits working with Capital Key holds for you? Check out our Merchant Processing options today!

Credit Card Processing

  • Studies have shown that accepting credit cards can increase your monthly revenue by as much as 23%. Empower your clients to purchase more!

Debit Card Processing

  • Many people rely on debit cards to pay for almost everything they buy. Allowing the use of debit cards means you will welcome more clients than ever before, while also reducing fraud and chargebacks.

Check Acceptance

  • Tired of dealing with bad checks from customers that don’t want to pay? Never fear! Our unique check verification software kits ensure that you never have to deal with the annoyance of a bounced check ever again. We also offer a Check Guarantee Service, so if a check does bounce, it won’t hurt your business’s bottom line.

Gift Card Programs

  • Gift cards are increasingly popular for a reason. Give your clients the gift of store credit, and give yourself the nice reassurance of knowing that these cards can seriously improve profits.

Loyalty Programs

  • Give your customers a little extra love with loyalty programs through Capital Key! We make it easy to track loyalty points, come up with extra offers, and also make redeeming them easier than ever.

EBT Programs

  • EBT cards, also known as food stamps, are a staple of many peoples’ livelihoods. We can make it possible to accept EBT cards and make peoples’ lives easier by doing so.

Tablet and Smart Phone Payments

  • We make it possible to receive payments while on the go! All you have to do is hook up our unique credit card swiper to your phone or tablet, and you can process credit cards and debit cards in a pinch!
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About Capital Key

Capitalkey will help you take your business to the next level! Our expertise is business funding and merchant processing. We offer great options to businesses that need a quick and easy cash infusion (even if you may have got turned down previously!) We also offer some of the lowest rates in the merchant processing industry! If you are currently processing with another company we highly recommend taking advantage of our free statement audit, which will allow us to identify if you are getting charged higher rates and/or fees unnecessarily. Typically we can help our clients reduce their processing costs by 20-30% on average!

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